Xzibit - 3 Card Molly (Remix)Demo Prod. by Antti Ojala — This is still a demo version and it's still missing a couple of things like that West Coast worm/whistle sound. I'm trying to get that Dr. Dre... 39 days ago
Tuesday, July 6th 1976 by Erratic Yelling on SoundCloud - Hear the world’s sounds — New Song check it out if you have a second i would but i do a lot of things tell me how it is thank you. I hope you enjoy the new song 54 days ago
64' Impala — Check out my new song if you have a second. I hope you enjoy my music i think its pretty cool. Thank you 54 days ago
Niancat Fast REMix by Doctor Dick — Little remix of an incontournable sound Enjoy it! 49 days ago